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Question How much will it cost to rewire my house?
Answer It varies, all properties are different as are the requirements of the owners so it is always best to discuss your options with the electrician on site
Question Why do my electrics need inspecting and testing?
Answer All electrical cable, fittings and accessories will deteriorate with age and use, an Electrical installation condition report will highlight any issues
Question How often should my house wiring be checked?
Answer The age of the property, any additonal load or change of use will determine this, new properties and rewires are usually 10 years, existing installations will vary depending on results and the
     discretion of the testing electrician
QuestionWhy do I need earth wires connected to my gas and water pipework?
Answer These are main bonding conductors and ensure that your pipework does not become 'LIVE' in the event of a fault
Question What is Part P and do I need to comply with it?
Answer Part P is a government approved document relating to electrical installations in defined locations, it is enforced by the local authority and it is a criminal offence not to comply
Question What is an RCD and do I need one?
Answer An RCD is a residual current device that interrupts the power supply when a leakage current flowing to earth reaches a pre-determined value preventing electric shock
Question Why are bath and shower rooms considered as special locations?
Answer Electricity and water is never a good combination especially when your body resistance is at it's lowest, this also applies to external electrics
Question Why should I use a registered electrician?
Answer A registered electrician can certify the work, submit notifiable Part P work to the relevant
building control office and guarantee compliance with the latest regulations
Question Can I do my own electrics?
Answer You can replace a light fitting, damaged cable or accessory on a like for like basis but most other work will need certification and possibly Part P submission to your local authority
Question I have an old style fusebox is it still safe?
Answer Many 1950s and '60s properties still have original rewireable fuses, these are still compliant but any alteration or addition to a circuit protected by one will need an additional RCD to bring
     the circuit up to current standards
Question My bathroom is being refurbished do I need to install a fan?
Answer Building regs states that if no fan is fitted and the room after completed works is in no worse condition than it was before you are not compelled to fit one, but I would recommend it
Question I have unsightly earth wires connecting my bathroom plumbing, can I remove them?
Answer This is supplementary bonding and connects all pipes and metalwork together to keep them at the same potential, they can be removed if certain protective conditions are put in place and
     the location meets the requirements of the wiring regulations BS 7671 (as amended)
NICEIC approved contractor NICEIC domestic Installer The ECA website Trustmark Website