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The majority of my work covers low voltage domestic installations operating at a 230volt 50Hz single phase AC supply, however 3 phase 400V industrial and commercial installations, emergency lighting, smoke alarm and fire detection systems, intruder alarm cabling, door entry systems, heating/hot water control wiring and cat 5/6 network cabling are well within my remit.

I also have a comprehensive contact list of reliable trademen that I use as and when the need arises, such as plumbers, Gas Safe heating engineers, builders, infact just about every trade you might need..
Sign in the snowWhy aren't the radiators getting hot?
Why does the MCB trip when i switch the shower on?
Why does the RCD come straight back down when I reset it? 
Why aren't the sockets working?

Electrical faults that leave you with no lights or a defrosting freezer are annoying and more commonplace now that residual current devices (RCDs) automatically interrupt the supply and will not reset until the fault is cleared.

Generally the fault will be an appliance that has come to the end of its working life, sometimes it can be the protective device is no longer functioning correctly or in extreme cases cable damage due to overheating, mechanical damage or vermin attack. Whatever the reason, protective devices are there to protect you from electric shock, the circuit and anything connected to it from damage and your property from a potential fire risk.  

Fault finding can be as easy as unplugging an appliance or replacing a circuit breaker. Unfortunately, in reality, it's never as simple as that especially if the fault only happens now and then - known in the trade as a' latent defect' - it never happens when the electrician is on site but during the night when the heating comes on. This could be because a boiler fault causes the RCD to trip or the economy 7 off-peak supply comes on and a faulty storage heater, not normally on during the day, introduces a fault.

Some of my equipmentModern power consumption, the emphasis on protection by RCDs and the requirements for special locations make electrical safety paramount within the U.K. However, all these requirements mean nothing if the installation is poorly maintained, not inspected and tested at regular intervals or altered by someone other than a registered electrician, making the installation non compliant, possibly wired incorrectly, left unearthed, with reverse polarity or even exposed live parts.

The United Kingdom has the best electrical standards and most comprehensive testing and certification system in the world. It has been put in place to protect you the consumer, your property, pets and possessions from not only electrical hazards such as shock, fire and burns but also bad workmanship.

As from January 1st 2014, all certificates are now issued electronically via the NICEIC online Certification Scheme (I can provide a printed copy if necessary).